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Senior People as the Source of Inspiration

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Senior People as the Source of Inspiration

If you have regular contact with senior people, you will know that they can be full of great stories and their experience throughout the years means that they are great to go to and ask advice. The advice and wisdom of seniors can really help people through some tricky times and if you are ever in doubt about a poser you are facing, it is not a bad idea to go and ask the advice of a senior.

However, there can be occasions when a senior picks up the wrong end of the stick of the conversation or perhaps isn’t too sure what you are talking. If seniors were having a conversation about things from their youth, many people wouldn’t be aware of some of the things they were talking about.

It is the same when a younger person asks questions to a senior about some of the new-fangled gadgets and machinery that is available today. This is often where funny senior quotes come from and laughing at them isn’t a nasty thing, it just emphasizes the difference between people. You can’t discuss things like top of the line bikes for exercise with seniors as you might offend them. Many seniors are very confident and comfortable with using the internet but many aren’t.

Senior couple having fun

If a person never had to use a computer in their working life, it is easy to see why they are not so comfortable or up to date with the modern terms. This means they can sometimes make some funny comments regarding the use of computers and the internet. Comments like I’ve broken the internet are light examples of funny senior quotes but there are many other areas where a conversation with a senior can bring up some light-hearted moments.

The music and popular culture of today is vastly different from what it was decades ago, so it is not surprising to see that some seniors are out of touch with what is happening today. This can often lead to misunderstandings and funny serious quotes which you can retell to all your friends at a later date. Of course, the seniors may be compiling some funny junior quotes to tell all their friends about too, so watch what you say!

There are many different types of funny office quotes, which mean there is always scope for people to have a laugh about. Sometimes it is the boss who is the figure of fun, sometimes it is certain departments and on other occasions it may be the customers or the product.


There is always a need to be careful that nothing damaging or nasty is said but in general, some light hearted chat in the office can be fun and engaging for most people.

One of the most quoted funny office quotes runs along the lines of “you don’t have to be mad to work here…but it helps”, which is a playful dig at the office and the people who are working in it.

This is probably one of the most repeated funny office quotes and it may have lost some of its charm along the way but it is still good for a laugh on certain occasions. Usually when staff members get together and talk about their job! Funny office quotes can often revolve around sayings or expressions about the working week. Even a simple line like “are you working hard or are you hardly working?” can be quite funny if it is said in the right environment.

Simple twists and plays on words are often the best type of joke because even if people have different style of humour they enjoy, it should be possible to enjoy these comments and jokes.

Be happy! Here are Three Keys to A Happy & Successful Life

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Be happy! Here are Three Keys to A Happy & Successful Life

Do you want to be successful? Many people want to be successful, but they fail to create the results they want in their life. Why is this so? The most common reason for this is that they are not clear how they can achieve what they want in their life. As long as you follow through the guaranteed three keys to success that never fail, you will achieve what you want in your life.

To achieve what you want in your life and be successful is not something complicated. In fact, anyone can do it if they want it and if they know how to do it. If you are serious about achieving the great success you always wanted, this is the right place for you because you are about to discover the proven top 3 keys to incredible life success that never fail.

SuccessfulThe first key to success is to identify what you want to accomplish in your life. Remember, you have to be specific in this. Don’t just say that you want to be successful, what does successful means to you? Be precise so that it will be easier for you to manifest what you want. Successful people are visionary, and they think about what they want all the time, and this is what you must learn from them.

Next, you must learn how to stay focused on getting what you want in your life. You can do this by using this technique call goal setting. Write down what you want on a piece of paper and paste this paper somewhere you can often see. This is to ensure that you will remind yourself of your goals and thus you will be able to stay focused and achieve them. You must also take consistent action. If you are not doing anything, you will create nothing. Success will not fall from the sky. You need to take action according to your plan to get what you want. So put in 100% commitment and take consistent action every day and you will eventually achieve what you want.


Young Businessman Thinking and Wondering While Writing a PaperThe final key to success is that you must believe that it is possible for you to achieve what you want in your life. If you do not believe it, you will never achieve it. When you believe that you can do it, you will tap into the full potential and do it with your best. Successful people think about what they want most of the time. They have a clear vision, and they know exactly what they want in the next 5 to 10 years. They hold on, and they believe strongly in their dreams. You have to be the same. So start to find out what you want to achieve in your life right now. This is why successful people are so effective, and they can create amazing results from their life.

These are the guaranteed three keys to success that never fail. Remember, to be successful, you need to know what you want to achieve in your life and get busy paying the price to make it come true. These are the three fundamentals that you cannot miss.


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